7 Best La Sportiva Climbing Shoes + Reviews

Best La Sportiva Climbing Shoes

If you’re into rock climbing, you know that having a good pair of shoes is essential. And if you’re looking for the best climbing shoes on the market, La Sportiva should be at the top of your list.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the best La Sportiva climbing shoes available and review them to help you decide which ones are right for you.

Top 7 Best La Sportiva Climbing Shoes

There are a lot of great La Sportiva climbing shoes on the market today. So, which one should you buy? This list will help you make that decision.

1. La Sportiva Solution – Best La Sportiva Climbing Shoes Overall

Best La Sportiva Climbing Shoes - La Sportiva Solution

The La Sportiva Solution is my top pick for the best La Sportiva climbing shoes. With a precision fit and aggressive downturn, these shoes are designed for elite-level climbers who need the best performance and comfort.

The Solutions feature a P3® platform that provides unparalleled support and power transfer and an elastic band that ensures a snug and secure fit.

The La Sportiva Solution is the perfect choice for anyone who wants the best in climbing shoes and doesn’t mind paying a little extra to get a premium quality shoe that will last them several years on the rock.

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2. La Sportiva Skwama – Best Climbing Shoe for Bouldering

The Skwamas are Boulder-climbing shoes that work best for experienced and modern enthusiasts of the sport. They’re also a good choice for indoor and outdoor boulderers because they’re difficult to fault. When you put them on for the first time, you might feel pain, but it’s something most wearers get used to after a few days of adequately breaking them in.

Tip: With any new climbing shoes, try wearing them in the house for a few hours before taking them out on the rock to help break them in a little quicker

The shoes have a sharp edge on the inside of the foot to help you gain traction on tiny ledges. The front of the shoe is coated in rubber to protect your toes from difficult-to-do toe hooks you’re going to find yourself doing if you’re doing any sort of competition climbing.

These shoes have a shock-absorbing heel to protect your feet and an aggressive downturn to help you retain power on steep overhangs. The shoe’s middle is quite malleable, which can come in handy when slab climbing or standing on sloping volumes.

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3. La Sportiva Theory

La Sportiva Theory climbing shoe

The Theory is a good choice if you encounter bouldering problems at indoor competitions or shorter routes. With its sticky rubber, you’ll have improved stability on weak holds and smear more easily.

The downturned shape, sturdy toe box, and stable midsole of the Theory make it a perfect shoe for those who enjoy toe-hooking. Similarly, the precise heel cup provides support for heel hooks. The rounded No Edge sole helps to encourage forefoot flex, improving your toe-hooking experience.

However, this shoe’s minimal design is less suited for longer routes. Projects that require a lot of pressure on the feet and edging would similarly not be the best match for the Theory.

Still, the shoe shines when edging on shorter routes. If you’re looking for a shoe that will help you speed climb, modern boulder, or scale steep terrain efficiently and effectively, this is one of the best shoes I’ve tried – bar none.

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4. La Sportiva Otaki

La Sportiva Otaki shoe image

The Otaki’s are La Sportiva’s newest bouldering shoe. They’re designed to be an all-around performer, with a moderate downturn and slightly asymmetrical last, making them ideal for many boulder problems.

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Otaki is the P3┬«rand, which provides power and precision when toeing into small holds. The shoes also feature a flat profile and low-volume heel, which make them more comfortable for all-day sessions at the gym or crag.

The La Sportiva Otaki is a climbing shoe that looks great and performs well, especially on indoor routes.

Unlike the Solution, Theory, or Skwama shoes with more rubber on the toes, this shoe has less rubber to protect your feet during toe hooks.

The rubber on these shoes is relatively thin and soft, which helps climbers keep sensitivity while they scale a wall. Although the material wears out quickly with regular use, the shoe still performs well after being resoled.

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5. La Sportiva Tarantulace

La Sportiva Tarantulace shoes

The La Sportiva Tarantula shoes, available in both laced and velcro versions, are among the most popular market choices for beginners. They are also one of the more affordable options from La Sportiva, an excellent selling point for new climbers.

The shoes feature a flat profile and low asymmetry, which make them comfortable and easy to wear. The Tarantulace is an all-around shoe that can be used for gym climbing, bouldering, and even some traditional routes.

These shoes’ flat profile and comfortable design make them perfect for easier climbs and versatile enough to use on almost any gradient. They’re also a great way to break your feet into the more extreme climbing shoes you want to use as you improve your skills.

Although the shoes are suitable for beginners, more experienced climbers will find them constricting because of the flat profile. Another problem is that when users’ feet sweat, the blue dye rubs off, staining their feet.

Overall, the Tarantulace is a good shoe for beginners looking to replace their current shoe with a much more ‘serious’ one.

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6. La Sportiva Miura

La Sportiva Miura climbing shoes

The La Sportiva Miura has been a classic high-end sport climbing shoe for over 10 years due to its quality design and innovative features, and it has its unique place in my heart, just like the Solution.

La Sportiva recently updated the style of their Miura line while still keeping the original construction and technical features that customers love. The Miura VS is the newest shoe version, and it’s one of my favorites for indoor and outdoor sport climbing, but that conversation is for another time.

Its edging ability and control on vertical terrain are still unrivaled by the competition and probably always will be since La Sportiva creates such great products.

Nowadays, the Miura is mainly desired for its ability to perform well on various terrain and styles.

This shoe is versatile and can be used for multiple purposes depending on your size. If you go with a smaller size, it’s perfect for those challenging sports red points. Or, if you size up, it’ll work great for a full day of multi-pitching.

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7. La Sportiva TC Pro

La Sportiva TC Pro climbing shoes

The newly updated La Sportiva TC Pro does an admirable job of fulfilling the expectations climbers have for it- that it can climb anything, anywhere.

The key features which make this possible are good edging abilities, a flat toe design, protection against cracks and ankle injuries around the boot, decent smearing performance, and a very supportive but not too stiff sole.

This makes it so your feet can maintain their strength throughout multiple pitches without tiring quickly.

This shoe is a top contender for the title of the best all-around shoe, as it has addressed complaints about durability and Achilles pain raised with the original version.

The TC Pro isn’t the best shoe for every climbing scenario, but it’s a good choice for trad climbing.

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FAQs – La Sportiva Climbing Shoes

Who owns La Sportiva?

The family-owned company La Sportiva was founded in 1928 by Lorenzo Delladio.

Where Are La Sportiva Shoes Made?

La Sportiva shoes are made in Italy, and they have been making shoes in the same factory in Italy since they were founded in 1928.

How Are La Sportiva Climbing Shoes Made?

The La Sportiva shoes are made with a mix of modern and traditional techniques. The uppers are made of leather, and the soles are made of vulcanized rubber.

Is La Sportiva a Good Brand?

Do all La Sportiva climbing shoes fit the same?

Are La Sportiva Shoes Good?

Yes, La Sportiva shoes are good. They’re well-made and offer excellent performance.

How Much Should I Size Down in La Sportiva?

It depends on the model of the shoe, but you should size down 1/2 to 1 full size for most La Sportiva shoes.

Do La Sportiva Run Small?

Some models of La Sportiva shoes run small, so you might need to size up. Check the size chart for the specific model of shoe you’re interested in.

Is La Sportiva a Good Brand?

Yes, La Sportiva is a good brand. They make high-quality climbing shoes that perform well.

What Country is La Sportiva Made in?


Is La Sportiva an Ethical Brand?

Yes, La Sportiva is an ethical brand. They have a solid commitment to environmental responsibility and social responsibility.

Are La Sportiva Shoes Waterproof?

No, La Sportiva shoes are not waterproof.

What Mountain is the La Sportiva Logo?

The La Sportiva logo is the Matterhorn, a mountain in the Swiss Alps.

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